S-Cool Revision Summary

S-Cool Revision Summary

The 6 Rules

  1. When you multiply powers of the same number you add the powers.
  2. When you divide powers of the same number you subtract the powers.
  3. When you put a power outside a bracket you multiply the powers.
  4. Negative powers mean reciprocal or 'one over.....'
  5. When the power is a fraction the top of the fraction is a power and the bottom of the fraction is a root.
  6. Anything to the power of zero is simply equal to 1.

Standard Form

Any number can be written in the form a x 10n where a is a number between 1 and 10 and b is an integer.

Indices in Algebra

Algebraic fractions can be simplified by following Rule 2 of Indices and taking the powers on the bottom away from the powers on the top or, in other words, cancelling the powers.